b d: short for be! do! Or: beautiful darlings, braveheart designs, blind dates, back doors, bigger durability, blessed djs, bilateral deals,

Barcelona. Lou. Amigos & huevos premiados.

blinking doughnuts, bone dry beastie deliciousness by day, by downside, brilliant disability, balance difference,

Pflege deinen Körper als wäre es dein einziger.

belly dance, beach delegation, body dilation, beside duties: booming dudes, blameless dolls, brave daredevils,

Barcelona. Castellers. Die gen Himmel türmen.

blended derivations, blooming deliberations, bang detonations, bold divinity…

lebalcony.de is looking forward to a breathtaking double-seamed ballistic workshop in lovely Barcelona together with my even lovelier workmate Bea. From July 8th to 23rd. lebalcony.de will be & do.


Sam Lazay

lebalcony – cool characters, types, letters from Hamburg and furthermore.

Bzw.: coole Typen, Stories, Momente aus Winterhude und darüber hinaus.