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The world is getting crazier and seems to be spinning faster by the day.

But thank God there are these two who breast this development: brave, optimistic, relaxed and joyfull in communication, the two Barcelona based DJs: local Gigi el Amaroso and spanish-irish chick Anarosa de Eizaguirre Butler.

Some call them post hippies as they broadcast their English-speaking online radio show life from their bed – „In bed with Gigi and Butler“ on saturdays from 12 to 2 pm. lebalcony.de calls them: signposts. Signposts for a better future. Signposts for cultural values. Signposts for the most important thing in life: love! 

„Being in bed is not only an act, it’s an attitude, Gigi says when climbing his huge king-size studio bed with bedlinen in a stylish black-and-white designer look. In order to enjoy the world – the people Gigi does not want to leave alone in the future, either.

Listen to the recording of last Saturday’s broadcasting: 


From minute 5:52 on live the statement from Barcelona to twin town Hamburg.

Today we rack our brains on what Gigi and Butler are wearing in bed to give us so much love, good vibes and happiness? Are they dressed in traditional irish and catalan pyjamas? With stylish shamrock and donkey patterns? Or do they prefer progressive negligees in leopard look – the Hanseatic Hamburg style?

Gigi is a friend whom I know very well: always charming, always calm and collected, a master above it all. If anyone knows more about special places, best nightlife spots, leading kitchens and top connections in lovely Barcelona, then undoubtedly Gigi is the man. It‘s only the one mystery of what Gigi might wear in bed with Anarosa that has not been solved. But we should leave this last secret to this great dj-philosopher who is so close to his folks.

My connection to Anarosa, other than the one to Gigi, is of a complete different nature. We never met face to face. I do though remember a chat I had with Gigi, General Mountainspring and other friends, in which Anarosa appeared. „The Irish have friends all around the world“, she threatened me. I felt like hearing the sound of cocking a double-barrelled shotgun and could almost sense Anarosa’s breath of my approaching last hour going down my spine.

With all my God-given professional empathy I could deescalate the situation in this almost fatal chat. To be honest, I feel a little traumatized since then.

And I keep thinking, this Anarosa must probably be very heavyly armed – and leged… I consider her extremly dangerous. But of course I could just as well be wrong. Maybe Anarosa is the most gentle and loving blossom from the Green Island – flavoured with the delicious smell of Spanish sunshine. And I simply became a victim of my occupational disease. No surprise after 25 years of commercial storytelling in advertising.

But what about pantyhose straps during „In bed with Gigi and Butler“?

Are they wearing them over their heads or on their toned legs?

Here in Hamburg we use to wear pantyhose straps over the head. Particularly at the end of the month. If we are broke and the need for cash is urgent. Then the only rescue is a surprising bank visit. Pantyhose banking is very popular in Hamburg. No queueing. And incomparably reasonable rates. Of course, sometimes pantyhose banking can lead to misunderstandings. In that case you should have a fast getaway scooter. Or at least a valid monthly pass.

If you have any questions, please feel free to pop them in the comment-list. Or ask Gigi and Butler. Life, every Saturday from 12 to 2 pm on: 


Hear us live on air tomorrow!

Sam Lazay