This magnificent insight teaches you the Golden Hands Gallery Hamburg. Especially yesterday evening at the opening of the Lugosis exhibition.

A real dangerously promising matter. Known for starting drawing before he could even speak Lugosis seems to be one of the most daring art performers of his time.


Born and raised in Milano which initially results from the latin description Mediolanum and finds it’s meaning in „in the middle of the plain“.


Today Lugosis workes in the middle of Big B. It’s said, B shines with the most impressive cultural diversity all over E. For certain L. makes his major contribution to Big B’s sustainable development. Yesterday he was an enriching interlocutor in HH.


Beside graffiti, paintings and graphics Lugosis extended his reportoire to many exciting fields: fashion, passion, vases.


Some is already given in the cradle to express vases in dresses.


Above all you should keep an eye out for any unusual sculptures sitting around in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 87. particularly reassuring in this turbolent times.


Come over and check it out! Golden Hands Gallery – the Hamburg City place to be


Sam Lazay – cool mates and stories from Winterhude and furthermore


And because art is getting increasingly important, another little reminder for my enchantingly companion and her yesterday’s offer to one of my favourite works in my chambers:

Joseph Beuys. Halbes Filzkreuz über Köln. Ganz auf Filzkappe in Hamburg