Balcony Control to Captain Cool:
Take your Pfizers and put your mask and helmet on.

Balcony Control to Captain Cool: ten, nine, eight, seven, six…
Commencing Countdown, injection on: five, four, three…
Check Composition and may God’s love be with you. Two, one, liftoff.

This is Balcony Control to Captain Cool: You nearly made it, yeah!
And the net wants to know whose style you wear.

Now it’s time to leave your cabin if you dare.
This is Captain Cool to Balcony Control:

Step through your balcony door.
And you will float in a most peculiar way.
Cause plants and flowers look very different today.

Willkommen, Blumen Hahn! Herzlichst, eure neuen Nachbarn.


Sam Lazay says thank you, David, for your inspiring groundwork


lebalconyde – cool mates, stories, flowers and CCCC-logotypes from Hamburg Winterhude and furthermore